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Mosstuft Icon
holy shit i realized i have a second deviantart where im a contributor to CotV and the icon it had was really old and ugly so I redrew it with her revamp :iconmosspool-cotv:
Mosstuft| Meadowclan

:: Name: Mosstuft
:: Past Names: Mosskit, Mosspaw
:: Clan: Meadowclan
:: Rank: Warrior
:: Gender: She-cat

:: Reason for name :: 
.....: Prefix: As a kit she resembled a dead warrior that had previously been in Meadowclan. Her name was thus selected to honor the dead she-cat when she was found and taken in by Scarletflame.
.....: Suffix: Her suffix was given to her in order to distinguish this life from her last, serving as a constant reminder of her second chance at life. It's also in reference to the thick fur of her tail

:: Starting age: 4 seasons
:: Current age: 4 seasons
:: Breed Reference: Gray and white Turkish Angora  

:: Past Mentor: 

:: Current Mentor: 

:: Past Apprentices: 

:: Current Apprentices:



:: Written Appearance :: 
Medium-sized she-cat with dappled gray and white fur

:: Body Structure :: 
She is built more for agility than strength, though she isn't too small.

:: Size and Height :: 
Not quite tall, but certainly not short, she is in the average range

:: Eye Color :: 



:: Sexuality :: 

.: Orientation: 

.: Looking for: 
A mate

.: Relationship Status: 
Not currently in a relationship

.: Currently Attracted to: 

:: Personality ::
An adventurous young she-cat, Mosstuft often struggles paying any attention to higher authority. However, there is always one cat who can get her to fall in line, her previous mentor Streakedsun. She can be jumpy, and she tends to complain a fair amount when the weather starts to turn in leafbare. Her previous memories as her former self are murky but present, and she uses them to guide her in her new life, grateful for a second chance. She is hopeful and excited, but she's not about to waste a moment of her new life with her old clan-- she savors every minute she gets.



:: Belief Levels ::
..................... :.: Belief in Starclan - high
..................... :.: Belief that Truth will Prevail - medium/low
..................... :.: Belief in True Love - high

:: Strongest skill :: 
Hope/Fortitude - Even in the darkest situations, her hope prevails and prevents her from giving up. Starclan let her come back for a reason, and she's not about to lose her second shot at life.

:: Strengths :: 

:: Weakest skill :: 
NOT a Team Worker - Because of her rebellion against authority, she often finds it hard to work as a team, which leads to her landing herself and others into difficult situations that may have been prevented if she worked with her clanmates.

:: Weaknesses :: 
-Foggy memory
-Physically weak

:: Fears :: 
(This section is optional but recommended.)
Death Water
Death Death
Death Complete Darkness



.: Birth season: 

[ Kit-hood ]
In her previous life, she was immediately acquainted with her soon-to-be mentor, Streakedsun, as well as her littermates Honeykit, Fernkit, Robinkit, Nettlekit, and Shadepaw, who she formed lasting friendships with. In her current life, she has especially strong bonds with Streakedsun and Robinpaw, growing quickly to appreciate them as her previous self once did. Though in this life, she was not Clanborn, she was taken in by the deputy of Meadowclan when found by the border, supposedly abandoned with her siblings by her loner parents, who had mysteriously disappeared without a trace.

[ Apprenticeship ] 
Mosspaw clicked very well with her mentor, Streakedsun, the two growing together easily as it became apparent who Mosspaw once was. Though she didn't pick up well on his strength training, she developed her agility through practice spars with him. She became an excellent hunter under his watch.

[ Warrior ] 
To receive her warrior name, Mosstuft worked extra hard, taking as many hunting trips and border patrols as she could without exhausting herself. She worked to promote herself around the camp, and was eager to jump into any battle that presented itself. Her warrior name was given to her to honor her previous self, and unite her current life with her old one. She is still friends with Robinpaw and Streakedsun.



.: Grandparents: 
.......... -Father's Side: Randy and Cinda
.......... -Mother's Side: Flynn and Rachel
.: Parents:
.......... -Father: Skylar
.......... -Mother: Eleanor
.: Siblings: 
.......... -Brothers: Pumpkinpaw, Weaselpaw
.......... -Sisters: n/a
.......... -Littermates: Pumpkinpaw, Weaselpaw
.: Crush: Streakedsun
.: Mate: n/a
.: Mated With: n/a
.: Kits: n/a
.......... -Sons: n/a
.......... -Daughters: n/a


:: Rped by: cloudkit25

:: Time Zone:
Pacific Time Zone

:: Best times to rp:
Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays 12pm-1am

:: Best Way to Rp: 
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- Replies
- Chat Rooms
- Tumblr
- Text
- Email
The OG Squad
I retread into the wild yesterday, so here's ravenpaw, firepaw, and graypaw


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